Collection: New for 2022

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  • MB2612
    organic 18X16mm bee charm w/bail
  • MB2582
    molten edged 26X17mm rectangle dragon fly charm w/ring
  • MB2600
    textured 20X15mm open moon charm w/ring
  • MB2623
    organic 18X16mm evil eye charm w/bail
  • MB2613
    organic 18X16mm dragon fly charm w/bail
  • MB2598
    organic 18X16mm heart disk charm w/bail
  • MB2575
    textured 20X19mm heart charm w/ring
  • MB2576
    brushed 25X19mm heart charm w/ring
  • MB2622
    organic 18X16mm moon and star charm w/bail
  • MB2606
    sculptural 16X15mm flower charm w/ring
  • MB2571
    sculptural 16X15mm flower post earring top w/ring
  • MB2624
    organic 18X16mm turtle charm w/bail
  • MB2610
    organic 18X16mm elephant charm w/bail
  • MB2587
    molten edged 21mm round butterfly charm w/ring
  • MB2602
    textured 20mm open star charm w/ring
  • MB2605
    textured 24X23mm flower charm w/ring
  • MB2591
    sculptural 16X15mm flower post earring top w/ring
  • MB2601
    textured 21mm open heart charm w/ring
  • MB2595
    organic 18X16mm starfish disk charm w/bail
  • MB2597
    organic 18X16mm rose disk charm w/bail
  • MB2589
    molten edged 21mm round fly charm w/ring
  • MB2588
    molten edged 21mm round flower charm w/ring
  • MB2580
    molten edged 22X16mm pear shaped owl charm w/ring
  • MB2608
    textured 16.5mm flower charm w/ring
  • MB2593
    molten edged 27X16.5mm oval sea horse charm w/ring
  • MB2577
    sculptural 24X22mm flower charm w/ring
  • MB2573
    sculptural 28X24mm open heart charm w/ring
  • MB2599
    molten edged 21mm round starfish charm w/ring
  • MB2590
    sculptural 36X27mm flower post earring w/hoop and 2 rings
  • MB2594
    organic 18X16mm horseshoe disk charm w/bail
  • MB2607
    sculptural 19X15mm butterfly charm w/ring
  • MB2592
    molten edged 27X16.5mm oval turtle charm w/ring
  • MB2584
    molten edged 21mm round frog charm w/ring
  • MB2611
    organic 18X16mm lock and key charm w/bail
  • MB2596
    organic 18X16mm sea shell disk charm w/bail
  • MB2586
    molten edged 21mm round bug charm w/ring
  • MB2585
    molten edged 21mm round crab charm w/ring
  • MB2583
    molten edged 26X17mm palm tree charm w/ring
  • MB2581
    molten edged 17mm round ladybug charm w/ring
  • MB2579
    molten edged 18X13mm rectangle star charm w/ring